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The Best Kept Secret in the Moosehead Lake Region

Year-Round Cabin Rentals in Beautiful Greenville, Maine

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The Best Kept Secret in the Moosehead Lake Region

Year-Round Cabin Rentals in Beautiful Greenville, Maine

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Build memories that last a lifetime!

Family adventure abounds in the Moosehead Lake Region. There are numerous things to do outdoors with the whole family, including hiking trails, beaches, and phenomenal wildlife watching! Take your family snowmobiling, skiing, or snowshoeing in the winter season! Your family will be astounded by the breathtaking scenery that surrounds you on your excursion.

Historical sightseeing, museums, and guided tours are just some of the educational opportunities available in the region. Also accessible to the public are the athletic fields and facilities at Greenville High School. They offer an ice skating rink, skateboard park, rollerblade oval, walking/running track, tennis courts, soccer fields, baseball diamonds, and a basketball court.

The summer recreation department offers classes for children, including arts and crafts, drama, swimming lessons, tennis, soccer, basketball, and more. The Natural Resource Education Center provides programs for children to learn about activities like canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding, and hiking, to name a few! The next time your family plans a vacation, consider the Moosehead Lake Region for the outdoor fun your family deserves!


The Moosehead Historical Society

The Moosehead Historical Society and Museum showcase the cultural heritage of the Moosehead Lake region and its people. Visit The Center for Moosehead History, the Moosehead Aviation Museum, the Native American exhibit, and downtown Greenville. The story of the tragic B–52 crash on Elephant Mtn. is also told there.

The Lumberman’s Museum and guided tours of the Eveleth–Crafts–Sheridan House are on our main campus in Greenville Junction. Our extensive collection of photos and history about Moosehead’s people and places are also open to the public.

Opening soon is Moosehead’s Outdoor Heritage. For more info, visit the website here or call 207–695–2909.

The Depot

With its signature architecture, known as the Witch’s Hat, the Depot played an essential part in the economic and social history of Moosehead Lake. This portion of the track, known as the “Short Line,” connected Montreal with the Port of Saint John, New Brunswick. The Depot was a stop for travelers coming to enjoy the vacation amenities of Moosehead Lake and the loggers working the vast forests.

The 1889 Victorian Canadian Pacific Depot is undergoing a transformation from the Most Endangered Historic Building to a Community Event Center. It is also listed on the National Register of Historic Buildings. Visit The Depot online!

The B-52 Memorial

In January of 1963, a B-52 bomber crashed during training maneuvers. All but two crew members perished. Those two survivors spent a cold night in blizzard conditions on remote Elephant Mountain before being discovered.

The people of Greenville have preserved the site and the wreckage in honor of those aboard this flight. Each year in January, a group snowmobile ride and memorial service are held at the site. In the warmer months, this is also a brief, low-impact walk on a level manicured path.

The Moosehead Lake Region offers many exciting opportunities for hunters of all ages. Our region teems with wildlife. This affords hunters a vast amount of open hunting terrain in which to spend a few hours, a day, or a week chasing their bounty.

Ruffed grouse, rabbit, wild turkeys, deer, bear, and moose abound around Moosehead Lake. There are many reputable local guides to help you achieve the best hunting experience possible. If this is your first time in the Moosehead area or you would just like a little more expertise, we recommend using a guide.

Be sure that you have a hunting license and an up-to-date hunting regulation book from the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife. You may also visit their website to apply for special hunting permits. Resident and Non-Resident licenses are available at many area establishments as well.


There are a variety of downtown shops, including antiques, boutiques, galleries, and specialty retailers. If you’re looking for something unique, keep your eyes open for big and small stores around the region. From craft fairs to farmers’ markets, the downtown shopping experience always has something new and refreshing to explore.

Take a seat on our benches, grab lunch or ice cream while taking in the lake’s southernmost point. Shopping is not just on the downtown strip! Make sure to explore both sides of the lake into Monson to catch all the local shops!

Let’s get a little mud on The tires!

Moosehead Lake’s local ATV trail volunteers do an incredible job of maintaining well-marked trails throughout our region. You can ride from Greenville to The Forks, Rockwood, and even Kokadjo to get a real backcountry experience! The adventures are truly endless, with ponds, moose sightings, and mountains to explore!

The trail systems make it possible to go out for just a couple of hours of fun or make it a full day expedition. Don’t own an ATV? No problem! Rent one from one of our local businesses!

Trails open in late spring to when the courses close for snowmobile traffic only in late fall. Call closer to the season for specific trail dates. Greenville allows ATV to travel through the main parts of town, allowing riders to access restaurants and shops.

Riders can also park their trailers and ride from any trailheads from Greenville Junction to the East Outlet. Remember to respect all landowners and their property. Always stay on marked trails. Bring one of our ATV maps, and have a fantastic time!

For rentals, contact:

Northwoods Outfitters

Moosehead Motorsports


Maine ATV Trails 

ATV Trail Map of Regions

ATV Map Kokadjo Trails

ATV Map Rockwood-Pittston-Jackman Trails

Friends of Moosehead Lake ATV


Our small pond, the eastern brook trout fishery, attracts anglers from far and wide. There are 40 ponds within an hour’s drive from downtown Greenville. Many are roadside with an easy canoe or kayak access. You may choose to hike into the many backcountry ponds where your only visitor may be one of the many moose and deer that call this region home.

About 15 minutes from Greenville on the west side of Moosehead Lake, you’ll find the East Outlet of the Kennebec River. It’s a beautiful three-mile fly fishing only river famous for landlocked salmon and brook trout fishery. Another 10 miles up Rte. 6/15 puts you on the West Outlet of the Kennebec and its excellent smallmouth angling.

Drive ten more minutes, and you’re on the Moose River, in the quaint lakeside village of Rockwood. This tailwater fishery holds landlocked salmon and brookies throughout the season. Go 20 miles up the eastern side of Moosehead to find the tiny town of Kokadjo.

The headwaters of the Roach River are another fly fishing only, catch and release spot. The river winds six miles through remote, undeveloped land emptying into Moosehead Lake. Fly anglers from all walks of life make annual trips to Kokadjo for the fall spawning run of landlocked salmon and big brook trout.

Be sure to have a valid fishing license before you head out on Maine’s beautiful waters. You can buy a permit online or from one of our local vendors. Visit Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife for more information!


Get off the beaten path to explore the many places the region offers that are not accessible with four wheels. Moosehead Lake is full of spectacular hikes. From casual day hikes to serious backpack excursions, we have it all!

The Moosehead Pinnacle Pursuit challenges hikers to summit six of the region’s most famous mountains, earning a badge and certificate once conquered. There is no time limit, yet those looking for a challenge can complete all six hikes in 48 hours to achieve the Ultra badge!

Our region is also host to a portion of the Appalachian Trail’s 100 Mile Wildness. Whether you’re starting your journey or completing a through-hike, you’re sure to enjoy this historic trail. Stop into the Appalachian Trail Visitor Center for more information.

The Northwoods Wellness Collective organizes group hikes year-round and invites anyone to join! Whatever your ability, the majestic views, and variety of choice will thrill those who love exploring the mesmerizing Maine wilderness! Remember to take only pictures and leave only footprints!


Appalachian Trail Visitor Center

Moosehead Pinnacle Pursuit

Northwoods Wellness Collective


Maine Trail Finder

Lily Bay State Park

North Woods Walks by Chris Keene

Be the moose. Feel like a moose. Know the life of a moose intimately AND take lots of excellent photos so you can post them on social!

The search for Moosehead’s most famous resident, the moose, is on. Yes, they are bigger than you thought they would be! Maine is one of the few states with a thriving moose population. In the Moosehead Lake Region, the moose outnumber people three to one!

That being said, you’ve got to know where you look if you want to spot a moose. Our registered Maine guides can help with that. There are plenty of moose safaris to book in the area, where guides take you to secluded ponds where moose feed, undisturbed, on vegetation.

Would you rather spot a moose on your own? Stop by the visitor center for advice on where and when to go looking. Prepare to be wowed when you find one of these majestic creatures in their natural habitat!

A few fun moose facts:

  • The flap of skin under the moose’s throat is called a bell.
  • The moose has no top front teeth.
  • After the first calf, moose quite often have twins.
  • Moose can only see about 25 feet.
  • In the Moosehead Lake Region, moose outnumber people three to one.
  • The first law to protect moose was passed in 1930.
  • Only male moose grow antlers, which they shed in early winter and regrow during the year.
  • The primary function of antlers is for display during mating season.
  • Moose are crepuscular, meaning they are most active during dawn and dusk.

Tips for moose watching:

  • The best times to see moose are early in the morning or around dusk.
  • The best time of year to see a moose is in May and June.
  • Moose prefer shady, wet areas such as bogs and marshes.
  • Always be aware when you are driving after dark. Be alert for any moose in the road.

Some local moose “hangouts”:

  • Take a scenic drive to Kokadjo, a small community north of Greenville.
  • Stay on Lily Bay Road for approximately 20 miles. Keep your eyes open for moose along the way!
  • If you’ve gotten to Kokadjo and still haven’t had your fill of moose sightings, head to Lazy Tom Bog, just past Kokadjo. This bog is a popular hangout for local moose!
  • Make a day of your moose watching by driving to Rockwood, a town north of Greenville on Route 15, where you can ride over to Mt. Kineo aboard a boat shuttle for hiking or exploring.
  • Turn left on Depot Street from Greenville Junction to Shirley. Go right in Shirley, through town onto the dirt road toward The Forks. This road may not be passable during winter and spring.
  • Take Route 15 South. Look for moose between the upper and lower Shirley turn-offs in the bog area.
  • Book a Moose Safari with any of our Guide Services. They know where the moose like to hang out and when to see them. Some even offer a guaranteed sighting!


Wildlife Tours – Young’s Guide Service

Enjoy a birds-eye view!

Enjoy a seaplane ride over Maine’s largest lake! The woods, lakes, mountains, and ponds stretch as far as the eye can see. You can even spot wildlife that could easily be missed on the ground. Give yourself a new perspective, and fly with us over Moosehead Lake!

Airplanes hold an extraordinary place in the history of Moosehead Lake. Its heritage is celebrated every year at the International Seaplane Fly-in. Book your accommodations today. They fill up fast!


Whether you hit an eagle or a bogie, you’ll always enjoy spectacular views. Enjoy your vacation without the hassle of traveling with your clubs. Take in some of the most incredible mountain and lake pictures as you tee off!

With lake and mountain views at nearly every angle, Moosehead Lake is home to a couple of the oldest golf courses in New England. Although our courses are small, they offer cart and club rentals. No tee time required!

Mount Kineo Golf Course – 9 Hole, Par 36, 3000+ yards

The Mt. Kineo Golf Course is located on Moosehead Lake. It is thought to be the second oldest course in New England, built in the 1880s. Kineo itself was famous among indigenous people for “Kineo Flint,” which was used to make fire and arrowheads.

In 1846, Henry David Thoreau climbed Kineo with a Native American guide. The course was built alongside the Kineo House, which was the largest inland waterfront hotel in America. The hotel is long gone, but the island’s beauty remains with Mount Kineo as the centerpiece, rising 1798 feet above the shores of Moosehead Lake from its summit.

Each hole on this nine-hole course is a challenge. It will test the clubs in your bag. The most scenic hole is the fourth, par 3,138 yards, over water to a green nestled at Mount Kineo’s base.

Squaw Mountain Village Golf Course – 9 Hole, Par 34, 2300+ yards

Not far from Greenville Junction, the Squaw Mountain Village Golf Course offers terrific views and challenging play for golfers of all experience levels. The course’s short par 3s appear simple on paper. Don’t be fooled, as their small greens require a skilled shot. Built in 1922, the Squaw Mountain Village Golf Course is an excellent choice for your regular rounds of golf or a new destination for you and your friends when visiting the Moosehead Lake Region.


Maine is known for its high water levels and world-class whitewater rapids with daily hydropower dam releases, even during the driest of summers. Moosehead Lake is situated right between the Kennebec, Penobscot, and Dead Rivers at the heart of Maine’s best white water rafting. Join in the fun and go whitewater rafting when you visit Moosehead.

No experience is necessary. From wild to mild, choose your adventure! Take a scenic family trip, a thrilling high-splash excursion, or anything in between.


Northeast Whitewater Rafting


Enjoy the sights as you cut through the powder at Big Squaw Mountain. The mountain first opened for skiing in 1963 with a Hall T-bar climbing 600 ft. and just four trails! It has since expanded and has become a symbol of Moosehead heritage and perseverance. The mountain is currently maintained and operated by volunteers, who run a full-service ski resort complete with rentals, lessons, and a racing center.

The Moosehead Lake region offers many cross country ski trails. Make a day trip to the loop trail at Big Squaw Ski Resort, or spend an afternoon on the trails at NREC. No gear? No problem! Northwoods Outfitters offers full package cross-country ski packages right in Greenville!


The Moosehead Trail offers 160 miles of spectacular and scenic riding, with stops for coffee, lunch, and gas along the way. The local trails join the Maine Interconnected Trail System for avid riders who want to explore other parts of Maine, New Hampshire, and Canada. Towns along the trail system welcome snowmobilers, providing refreshments and shopping.

Guide Services and equipment rentals are available in many local establishments. There, you can count on great local riding advice as well. The best ride of your life may be a thrilling guided off-trail ride that will take you where no tracks have ever been.

Trail condition reports are easily accessible through the Maine Snowmobile Association and will help you ascertain the ice’s safety on the many ponds and lakes crossed by the trails. The most reliable conditions are from mid-January to mid-March. However, this does vary depending on annual snowfall.

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Year-Round Cabin Rentals in Beautiful Greenville, Maine

The Best Kept Secret in The Moosehead Lake Region

Our Cabins Book Now

Year-Round Cabin Rentals in Beautiful Greenville, Maine

The Best Kept Secret in The Moosehead Lake Region

Our Cabins Book Now